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Bring Me That Horizon

Name: Jennifer
Age: 14
Sign: Gemini
Gender: female

Strong points: good listener, give good advice (most of the time), i suppose you could call me smart, fun, loyal, reassuring, i catch on quick.
Weak Points: too trusting, i can be to polite for my own good...
Hobbies/Interests: playing bass, reading, writing, music, hanging out with friends, movies

Describe your personality: I'm considered fairly odd. I usually seem very uptight/quiet at first, but once you get to know me I'm totally different. I can be outgoing, passionate, crazy, and fun if I want, but I can also switch emotions quite randomly.
Five positive words about yourself: Loyal, clever, determined, passionate, crazy
Five negative words about yourself: Shy, annoying, self conscious, moody, foolish


Food: italian
Color: red, purple, green, blue, black, silver, etc.
Animal: ummmmmm... panther/jaguar/tiger.. basically big cats
Books: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, The Lord of the Rings, Define Normal, and tons more
Movies: POTC (duh), LOTR, Kingdom of Heaven, Alice in wonderland, 10 Things I Hate About You, Underworld, and many many more (would fill several pages and take too long to read)
Television show: Dead Like Me, Mindfreak, Charmed, Dr. Who, bunch of anime, etc.
Artists/bands: Virtually anything rock, alt., classic, hard, anything.
Songs: to many
1.) I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.
- Rene Descartes
Without music, life would be a mistake.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Place to be: Paul Green's School of Rock, with my friends
Dislikes: people who are like, "OMG the world is great and beautiful",I mean, happiness is one thing, but one can only take so much before it becomes annoying, stereotypes, closed-minded people

This or that.

BOLD your choice.


Uptight/easy going? (although i can be a bit of both)
Lazy/hard working?
Easy to get along with/Difficult to get along with? (depends on my mood)
Sneaky/Honest? (depends)
Leader/Follower? (but only to certain people)
Organized/All over the place?
Humorous/Serious? (depends)
Superstitious/Skeptical? (depends on which superstition we're talkin' about)
Religious/Non-believer? (not atheist or anything, just don't really care about that stuff)

EXPLAIN! Be thorough!

You’ve been marooned. How are you feeling towards those who were responsible for it? extremely pissed, probably curious as to why, wanting to burn something....

Luckily, you happen to have five items with you. What are they? Why?
1) friend to keep me company
2) a ship (to get outa there, duh)
3) Food
4) crew (can't sail the ship all by myself)
5) rum.....

Hopefully you can use them to survive. How will you accomplish getting off/surviving? Well, first I drink the rum with whoever I'm with and eat the food while building the cell phone tower; and when we find that we fucked it up...
we just wait to die, I s'pose.

A quote/lyric…ect, that you feel fits your outlook on life.
"Reality bites, with a variety of sizes of teeth.)

A quote/lyric…ect, that fits your outlook on love.
"Love bites..." "'s what I need."
Lastly and most importantly…explain to us….

Why is the rum gone?

I believe I stole it from Jack (*giggles* shhhh, don't tell him!)

Jack: "Now where is that monkey, I want to shoot something!"

Does it matter what you are stamped as? Boy? Girl? Beastie?
*shrugs* not really

Show off! Give us at least two clear pictures of yourself, or if you’d rather not - a detailed description of your appearance.
Sorry, but no pictures. I'm about 5'6 with dark brown hair, fair skin, hazel green/brown/gray eyes, small mouth, straight nose, freckles around and on my nose.... yeah
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