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A rating community for Pirates of the Caribbean.
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A Pirates of the Caribbean rating community!

Welcome to potc_rate, a rating community for the ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Here you will discover...are you Will Turner or Jack Sparrow? Elizabeth or Barbossa? By filling out an application, others will decide just you are in the world of Pirates. With me so far, mates?

There is, however a code of conduct to be followed. Rules that one needs to follow in order to be a part of this community.


1. Be courteous towards others. If it's posting an application, or voting on one...do it.
2. When voting, don't give us flat answers. Elaborate on why you voted this way.
3. Same goes for the application. Give it some life! When asked to explain your answer, give us more than two words or you will not be stamped.
4. Don't try to hard to get a certain character. If you don't like who you were stamped as, you are allowed to try again up to two more times. After that, that stamp will from then on, be your fate.
5. When applying the line: "Bring me that horizon" must either on your subject line, or cut text so we know you have read the rules. If this isn't present, you will not be stamped.
6. VOTE! You don't need to be stamped to vote!

See? Simple.


Stamped members.


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